Explanation of the special characters

Place between material- and connection-code e.g. A72PGSV12SV12 or at the end of the order number e.g. V352SV12FLPG

  screws for manifolds Link
716SS Screws 7/16“ UNF x ??; Material SS  
M10SS Screws M10 x ??; Material SS  
  seat / cone / spindle  
IV inner parts 1.4571 / 316Ti  
R regulating cone A29
SC cone stellite  
SI inner parts stellite  
SS seat stellited  
PG Packing Graphite  
PP Packing PTFE  
PT Chevron- (v-ring-) packing acc. TA-Luft with certification  
PV Packing VEBA  
PGPT Packing Graphite with TA-Luft certification  
A outside spindle thread A27
A2 outside spindle thread form A2 (like bar stock valves) A27
F bellow bonnet (acc to Technical Instruction Air TA-Luft) A28
K lock nut A30
ÖA Position Indicator  
OL with bonnet safety hook  
OV Bonnet and seat mat.1.4571  
T Anti Tamper A28
TL Anti Tamper lockable A28
VM Lock nut to clamp spindle  
L bracket A30
Lg bracket large A31
Lk bracket small A31
Lr bracket half-round A30
DM turnable nut  
LK12 welded nipple 12x2,0 with turnable nut M20 x 1,5
oT without parts e.g.: without cutting ring or without twin ferrule fittings
a extended length pipe outlet  
e extended length pipe inlet  
SV??va cutting ring connection with SS nut and ring. The ?? will be replaced by the dimension of the tube
Qi Quick in hosecoupling  
abA Schematic on specified request  
DB Double Block  
DBB Double Block and Bleed  
  more special codes  
E vent screw A29
G t-bar (standart for bar stock valves and manifolds) A29
H handwheel made out of steel