Manifold 51


DN: max 5 (8)
PN max. 420 (6000psi)
T max 250°C
(T max 450oC with external spindle thread)

This 5 valve manifold is designed for remote mounting to a transmitter. It has two block valves (+ and - lines), 2 proof vaives and an equaliser valve.

    s. also Barstockblock Körpernummer 51.

parts list

part no. designation material
1 2 3
1 body A105 316Ti A182-F11;F12
2 seat interchangeable 430F 316Ti
3 spindle roll sealed 430F 316Ti
3.1 cone, rolled into, movable SS 316Ti
4 screwed bonnet housing 1035 316Ti
5 scraper ring Novapress
6 packing graphite1) PTFE2) graphite1)
7 gland 1213 316Ti 316Ti
8 union nut 1213 316Ti 303
13 seal mild steel 316Ti mild steel

1) On request: ptfe-packing; max 200°C for all fittings or
2) free of oil and grease: oxygen packing max. PN 250

Diese Darstellung zeigt beispiels- weise den Ventilblock mit Ein- gangs-, Ausgangs- und Testan- schluß mit Innengewinde
1/2” NPT. Optional sind Laschen, Befesti- gungsgewinde und die Verschluß- schraube. (Andere Anschlüsse und Erklärun- gen s. Seite V25)



DThis picture shows e.g. the manifold with inlet, outlet and test connection cutting- ring for 12mm tube. Optional there are brackets.



Order no. for this example:





Order Number

V 51

type body number material code inlet-code outlet-code test-/ blow out connection code special characters code
V=manifold   1 Mat.: carbon steel A105
2 Mat.: stainless steel 316Ti
3 Mat.: heat resistant steel A182-F 11; F 12
    P6 G3/8“ possibly with plug
P7 G1/2-14 NPT possibly with plug
P8 G1/4-18 NPT possibly with plug
P1 screwed stud with M20x1,5 male. cap DIN 16287 form D
Q5 G1/4“ with plug
Q6 G3/8“ possibly with plug
Q7 G1/2-14 NPT possibly with plug
Q8 G1/4-18 NPT possibly with plug
A external spindle thread
F bellow
L bracket
PT german TA-Luft