Gauge valve - DIN16271

body number 1

DN: max. 4
PN max. 400
T max 120°C

(acc. to DIN)


Gauge valves according to DIN 16271 specification with vent screw and with test connection.

parts list

part no. designation material
1 2 6
1 body, forged A105 316Ti brass
3 spindle roll sealed 430F 316Ti 430F
3.1 cone, rolled into, movable SS 316Ti SS
4 taper ring 1035 316Ti brass
6 packing graphite1) PTFE 2)
7 gland 1213 316Ti brass
8 union nut 1213 316Ti brass
9 handwheel moulded plastic  3)
10 nut steel galvanized SS brass
11 vent screw 430F 316Ti 430F
12 Form A adjusting nut 1213 303 brass
13 Form B nut (DIN 16284) A570Gr33,36 316Ti brass
14 nut (DIN 16284) 1213 303 brass
15 nut (DIN 3870) 1213 316Ti brass
16 cutting ring (DIN 3861) steel
DIN 3859
316Ti brass
17 cap for test connection (DIN 3870) 1213 316Ti brass

1) On request: graphite-packing or
2) free of oil and grease: oxygen packing max. PN 250
3) On request: steel sheet or tommy bar.

picture a


Our gauge-valves wich comply to DIN 16270 and

16271 spec. can also be obtained with stainless steel

interchangeable seats - type A7 and A6 (not in the catalogue).




picture b

picture c

Order Number

M 1



connection code
type body number material code special characters code
M=gauge valves   1 Mat.: carbon steel A105
2 Mat.: stainless steel 316Ti
6 Mst.: brass
E venting
G bar (instead of handwheel)
H handwheel of steel sheet
K lock nut
PT german TA-Luft

order numbers for DIN gauge valves

designation material valve number acc. to DIN order number
picture a
gauge valve DIN 16271 form A
A105 DIN16271-A-10St M11EGM12SP12P1
316Ti DIN16271-A-20St M12EGM12SP12P1
picture b
Manometerabsperrventil DIN 16271 Form B
A105 DIN16271-B-10St M11EGM12LG12P1
316Ti DIN16271-B-20St M12EGM12LG12P1
picture c
gauge valve DIN 16271 form B with inlet cutting
ring SV for 12 or 14 mm tubes ISO 8434-1 (DIN 2353)
SV 12 A105 DIN16271-B-10St-AS12 M11ESV12LG12P1
316Ti DIN16271-B-20St-AS12 M12ESV12LG12P1
SV 14 A105 DIN16271-B-10St-AS14 M11ESV14LG12P1
316Ti DIN16271-B-20St-AS14 M12ESV14LG12P1
similar picture c
gauge valve DIN 16271 form B with inlet ISO 8434-1
welding nipple (DIN 2353)
SK 12 A105 DIN16271-B-10St-AS12 M11ESK12LG12P1
316Ti DIN16271-B-20St-AS12 M12ESK12LG12P1
SK 14 A105 DIN16271-B-10St-AS14 M11ESK14LG12P1
316Ti DIN16271-B-20St-AS14 M12ESK14LG12P1