Flushing Rings

Flushing rings will be used to avoid the formation of deposits or blockages in process connection and before the measurement instrument. The material collecting in front of the diaphragm can be flushed out through the lateral flushing boreholes and/or the pressure chamber can be vented by means of these rings.

There are 2 different types of flushing rings. The sandwich- and the flange type flushing ring.

The sandwich type has the dimension of the sealing surface of the flanges beside and will be clamped between the process flange and the remote seal.

The flange type has the complete dimensions like the attached flanges with the bolt holes.


Taylormade production
DIN or ANSI dimensions and sealing surfaces
Different materials
1 or 2 connections
complete system delivery with laterial shut offs possible



DN80 PN40 EN1092-1 Form A
with 2 laterial welded 12mm tube studs
tl_files/bollin/img/products/zubehoer/Spühlringe 1.jpeg

2“ 600lbs RF mit with 1 flushing connection 1⁄4“NPT female 

tl_files/bollin/img/products/zubehoer/Spühlringe 2.jpeg

1 1⁄2“ 150-2500lbs RTJ; lateral 1⁄2“NPT female

tl_files/bollin/img/products/zubehoer/Spühlringe 3.jpeg