Accessories for gauge valves

Nipple connection DIN 16284 for pressure gauges and their accessories

material DIN-no. order number
steel steel DIN16284- G1/2-10St-10St 16284 NI1 12 MU1 G12
SS SS DIN16284- G1/2-20St-20St 16284 NI2 12 MU2 G12
warmresitant steel steel DIN16284- G1/2-15St-15St 16284 NI5 12 MU1 G12
warmresitant steel SS DIN16284- G1/2-15St-20St 16284 NI5 12 MU2 G12
brass brass DIN16284- G1/2-10Ms-10Ms 16284 NI6 12 MU6 G12

other dimensions on request

Shock proofer for gauges

connection max. temperature 200°C PN material *1) order number
G1/2“ m with spigot x G1/2“ f 250 steel STM1GM12GI12m
250 SS316Ti STM2GM12GI12m

other dimensions on request

Cap DIN 16287

connection material *1) order number
M20 x 1,5 thread brass 16287MSM20
steel 16287STM20
SS316Ti 16287VAM20

other dimensions on request

Gauge seals DIN EN 837-1 (DIN 16258 form C)

connection material order number
for G1/2“ (M20 x 1,5 thread)

D = 17,5; d = 6,2; b = 2

copper 16258KuG12
PTFE 16258PTG12
aluminium 16258ALG12
BA-CF 500 (free of asbestos) 16258BAG12
mild steel 16258STG12
SS316Ti 16258VAG12
SS316Ti profiled 16258VPG12
for G1/4“ (M12 x 1,5 thread)

D = 9,5; d = 5,2; b = 1,5

copper 16258KuG14
PTFE 16258PTG14
SS316Ti profiled 16258VPG14

other dimensions on request

adjusting nut DIN 16283

connection L SW material *1) DIN-no. order number
G 1/4 23 17 Steel DIN16283-1-10St 162831GI14GI14I
SS DIN16283-1-20St 162832GI14GI14I
brass DIN16283-1-10Ms 162836GI14GI14I
G 1/2 36 27 Steel DIN16283-3-10St 162831GI12GI12I
SS DIN16283-3-20St 162832GI12GI12I
brass DIN16283-3-10SMs 162836GI12GI12I

other dimensions on request

Fitting DIN 16281 for supports for measuring instruments or gauge valves

connection d material *1) DIN-no. order number
G 1/2 G 1/2 steel DIN16281-10St 162811GM12GI12m
SS DIN16281-20St 162812GM12GI12m
brass DIN16281-10Ms 162816GM12GI12m

figure 1: materials

material short sign T max
PN max
steel                                                            Rp>=0,2³ 220 N/mm² 10 St 120 400
SS acc. to DIN 17440                                        Rp>=0,2³ 190 N/mm² 20 St 120 400
brass acc. to DIN 17672-1 oder DIN 17673-1          Rp>=0,2³ 150 N/mm² 10 Ms 120 250

support DIN 16281 - form A and H for measuring instruments and gauge valves

material length L form DIN-no. order number
aluminium black painted 60 H DIN16281-H-60 16281HALTERAL60
100 H DIN16281-H-100 16281HALTERAL100
160 H DIN16281-H-160 16281HALTERAL160
SS 60 H DIN16281-H-60 16281HALTERVA60
100 H DIN16281-H-100 16281HALTERVA100
160 H DIN16281-H-160 16281HALTERVA160
GG 100 A DIN16281-H 16281HALTERGG100

For mounting at 2“ pipe; 2“ fixingbolts