About ourselves

Bollin valves have had a long-standing reputation in the chemical, refinery and power station industries since 1924.

This has been supported and proven by:

  • sales of more than 9 million valves
  • more than 1.400 customers in Germany
  • more than 2.500 customers world-wide.

Firma Bollin holds certificates in compliance with DIN ISO 9001.

Bollin valves are available in 350.000 different designs with 10.000 different connection combinations. We offer worldwide what must be one of the most extensive valve ranges in the measurement and control engineering sector. All information can be found in the enclosed catalogue.

We manufacture valves according to DIN, ANSI or customer specifications up to DN 12, PN 630 at a maximum working temperature of 600°C.

We are in the position to manufacture the valves you require within a few days. Firma Bollin are especially geared towards supplying smaller quantities when they are urgently required.

We supply German and English documentation for the complete range.

  • CAD drawings of all valves included in the catalogue or as data (in DXF or DWG format) on disc.
  • parts list
  • replacement parts list
  • operating and service instructions
  • acceptance certificate (EN 10204 - 3.1/3.2)
  • material certificate (EN 10204 - 3.1/3.2)


Additional comments to the catalogue:

  • As we are continually developing our equipment, we reserve the right to make changes
  • All particulars are in mm.
  • The maximum possible working pressure PB can be considerably under the maximum given nominal pressure PN due to the attachment.
Excerpt from the materials supplied so far
Excerpt from the materials supplied so far
Bollin standard materials  Special materials
1.0460 A105   1.0546 TSTE355   1.4529 926   2.4602 Alloy C22
1.4541 321   1.0570 ASTM A350 Lf2   1.4539 904   2.4610 Alloy C4
1.4571 316Ti   1.4301 304   1.4550 347   2.4617 Alloy B2
1.5415 F1   1.4305 303   1.4762 446   2.4660 Alloy 20Cb3
1.7335 F11/F12   1.4306 304L   ~1.4878 F321H   2.4816 Inconell®
1.7362 F5   1.4404 316L   1.4901 F93   2.4819 Alloy C276
1.7380 F22   1.4435 ~316L   1.4903 F91   2.4858 Alloy 825
      1.4438 317L   1.4922     3.7035 Titan Grade F2
      1.4439 ~317LMN   1.6368        
      1.4462     F51 2.4360   Alloy 400  
      1.4501     F55 2.4600   Alloy B2  


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